Troy Union Elementary School

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Principal's Message

Dear Troy Union Families,


Welcome to Troy Union!  It is an honor and a privilege to be a contributing member of the Troy Union Learning Community and I look forward to sharing more about our community with you.  Troy Union is a very special school and I enjoy spending time each day working with the staff, students and parents.  Each day I am able to learn so much and I believe the strength of this community is similar to the strength found in a well-constructed three-legged stool.  A three-legged stool is a sitting platform and each leg of the stool is very important.  If one of the legs of the stool is missing or broken the stool can no longer stand.  Like the three-legged stool, this community is strong and stable.  This school is successful because of the collective efforts of students, staff and parents.  Below I have outlined my observations as to how each leg supports the learning process at Troy Union.


Troy Union Students: The Troy Union mission states, “together we will learn, lead, love and leave a legacy.”  This is embodied in the students and it is a tremendous privilege to interact with so many great children each day.  As I walk the halls and visit classrooms, I observe students demonstrating their understanding of the essential qualities necessary to be leaders. This is exhibited through common language and daily actions.  I am amazed as the students own everything they do.  Troy Union students are proactive with the choices they make and strive to grow each and every day.  


Troy Union Staff:  The Troy Union staff shows great respect for ALL students and members have high expectations.  Every member of the staff (teachers, secretaries, support staff, para pros, healthcare workers, aides, custodians, lunch room workers, etc.) encourages students to always do their best and to be their best.  Using “Leader In Me” as a foundation for mentoring, the staff is very patient and promotes personal growth by instilling high expectations in and out of the classroom.  This community of educators is passionate about the thinking and learning process while fostering that in students.  All staff members exemplify a desire and sincere commitment to supporting children.


Troy Union Parents: Parents play an important role in supporting children in the learning process.  Although the parent’s role is constantly evolving I have noticed in a short time that the influence of parents is impactful.  High parent turnout at an evening event like “Leader in Me Family Night” proves that this community supports and values education.  Another highly supported initiative is “Watch D.O.G.S.” where fathers volunteer time to support the school.   Parent attitudes about education have and will continue to inspire the thinking and learning process. 


Great communities inspire students to learn and lead.  As a result children in those communities get far more out of their education.  I appreciate all the members that make up the Troy Union three-legged stool.  Thank you for all that you do to make “Great Happen Here!”




Mike Cottone
Principal, Troy Union Elementary
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